Hello and Happy 2018!

We at the mighty KMHC are more excited than ever to see all of you take steps to achieve better health.  No matter how things have gone for you in the past, every day can be a fresh start, full of opportunities to feel better!

Because we are still in the midst of the germ-sharing season, I’m going to talk about some easy tips to increase your immunity. I’ll spare you the adages about washing hands, etc., because I know you all know that.  Right??

1. I believe that getting proper rest is the number one factor in avoiding illness. Budgeting 7-8 hours, staying away from electronics and bright lights at night, plus exercising daily are a few ways to enhance sleep.

2. Minimizing stress is also crucial. Always remember that the vast majority of things we stress about are, in the big scheme of things, not a big deal. Metacognition is an area of psychology that I’m currently very interested in. It basically means the conscious awareness of one’s thoughts. “Catching yourself” thinking negatively and then changing to something positive is what it’s all about folks!

3. Obvious as it might be, I would be remiss if I didn’t emphasize the importance of having an excellent diet. In 2018, let’s all vow right here and now to leave all the processed, sugary food at the store and just bring home the good stuff!!

For those of you who read my newsletters regularly, you have heard me make mention of my streak of consecutive days coming in to KMHC without missing due to injury or illness. I’m proud to announce that twenty-one and one half years in, the record is intact.

One big factor for my success is the vitamins I take.  The moment I feel the slightest hint of a cold coming on, I reach for my bottle of Ultra Potent-C. It is a form of vitamin C that is accompanied by numerous other ingredients to make it more absorbable and more able to be used by your immune system’s cells. If I catch it early, usually 1-2 pills are enough. If the bug gets a little further along, I will resort to taking 1 pill per hour, until the symptoms abate. I’ve had some real battles over the years–on some occasions I needed more than 25 pills to beat whatever was trying to get me. This is what is referred to as megadosing. Megadosing is a concept I would encourage you all to research and draw your own conclusions. I have seen enough evidence in the scientific research and personally to be convinced that it has some validity. Is Ultra Potent-C more expensive than what you will find in the grocery store? Absolutely. It comes down to the old adage of getting what you pay for. Taking large doses of isolated ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) has actually been shown to reduce immune system function. It looks like the other ingredients are truly necessary to make it work.




For our January promotion we are offering our vitamin D 5000 at 1/2 price when you purchase a bottle of Ultra Potent-C 1000. Most of you know the importance of taking vitamin D, especially this time of year. The 5000 IU pill, taken daily, is appropriate for most to be taking to maintain healthy blood levels, and therefore a healthy immune system. I would encourage all of you to check your blood levels yearly to ensure this amount is effective.

Wishing you the best of health in 2018,

Dr. Venske and the KMHC team