Tips for working outside in spring

As we head outside for all the wonderful activities that Spring offers, we find ourselves predictably sore and stiff.
Ahh, but what to do about that?  Pop a few ibuprofen and get back out there, right?
Well, that’s one option.  Just know that over 100,000 people are hospitalized each year from using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and over 16,000 die.
We at KMHC feel there is a better way.  Here are a few easy and safer tips to quell those achy muscles and joints:  
1. Treat yard work like an athletic event.  Limber up before going out, then stretch during and after your tasks.
2. Bathe in Epsom salt water after a long day.  I recommend a 30-minute soak in warm water with 2 cups of salts stirred in.
3. Get an adjustment and a therapeutic massage.  This one-two punch can’t be beat.  These therapies get to the CAUSE of the problem!
4. Use natural muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories.  We love that there is a safe and effective alternative to synthetic, chemically based drugs.
We recommend Myocalm, our muscle relaxant, and Inflavonoid Intensive Care, our anti-inflammatory.  Stop in today to learn more about these excellent products.

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