Dr. Hamill

Dr. Jeff Hamill has been a practicing chiropractor in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1998. In January, he joined the KMHC team and is happy to be the newest member of this supportive and caring staff. He truly believes in the benefits of preventative chiropractic care for families and kids of all ages. As a weightlifter and exercise enthusiast in high school and college it was important for him to maintain maximum performance levels. He experienced first hand how chiropractic could help him to achieve his goals and maintain a healthy active body. This and his passion for outdoor activities and maintaining an active lifestyle are what inspired him to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Hamill has had great success in treating back and neck pain, sciatica, sprains/strains and headaches. He also treats plantar fasciitis and carpel tunnel along with many other conditions with positive results. He utilizes a wide range of treatments from traditional spinal/extremity adjustments to soft tissue modalities in order to help his patients get better. He is well versed in manual tissue therapies, ultrasound and muscle stimulation and will apply when indicated in order to speed up healing times.