Dr. Venske 

In his twenty plus years serving the Lake Country area, Dr. Venske has employed a wide spectrum of techniques to aid in the meeting of his patients’ goals. He takes great pride in the time and care he gives to each and every patient and approaches his practice today with the same passion and vitality as he did on his first day at the job!

Because Dr. Venske realizes fully that one never knows everything, he continues to strive to learn new information and approaches that would benefit his patients and implements them on a daily basis. He has completed substantial coursework in the evaluation and treatment of issues pertaining to shoulder, arm and hand pain, as well as hip, knee, ankle and foot problems and uses numerous manipulative and soft tissue techniques to achieve maximum resolution.

Dr. Venske believes in an integrated approach to healing and will do “whatever it takes” to get the best results. He recognizes the importance of improving the status of a person’s health from the inside out and has become well versed in the world of nutrition. To complement his practice, Dr. Venske also offers his patients on site therapeutic massage, rehabilitation therapy, acupuncture, yoga therapy and diet/supplementation support.