Have you been in to see Dr. Venske, Dr. Hamill, Mike and left feeling so much better? If you want to share your story with our other patients – please complete the testimonial form and release form below and turn it in the next time you are in the area.
 Name:  Treva D.
Client:   5+ years
Personnel Referenced: Dr. Venske/Mike Aehl
Services References: Chiropractic/Therapeutic Massage
I came back to KMHC after being away for several years because of major back and fusion surgeries. I was still in so much pain and walking with a  severe limp.  Doc V and Mike have been working with the reasons for all of my pain and have reduced it from a Level 6-8 with a sometimes 10 down to a 4-5 and NO 10!
I had given up on the so-called solutions of traditional Western medicine and brought my broken body back to people who would think about how to help me.  I’m also on some new supplements from KMHC that have not only reduced the inflammation that causes pain but have also helped me gain control of my IBS for the first time in years!
Thanks KMHC!

 Name: Bridget A.
Client for: 1+ years
Personnel Referenced: Dr. Venske
Services Referenced: Family Chiropractic and Light Therapy
Statement: “After 2 1/2 years of heel pain that sidelined me completely, light therapy has returned me to my active lifestyle I have been without for so long.  I feel like I’m myself again!  I received physical theraphy, dry needling, nerve tests, cortison shots and acupuncture just to mention a few treatments that would provide minimal relief but that was it.  After working with Dr. Venske and receiving 6 light therapy treatments, I’m back to playing tennis 3-4 times a week, walking regularly and there’s even more to come.  I can’t wait.  Light therapy is incredible and gave me my active lifestyle back!
Thanks Dr. Venske and Team!”

 Name: Jan B.
Client for: 20+ years
Personnel Referenced: Mike Aehl
Services Referenced: Therapeutic Massage and Acupuncture

Statement: “Mike (Aehl) is able to target key areas of the body that need attention and deliver the type of treatment necessary in a timely and effective manner. His “hands on” approach is spot on. He is a true professional and a master in his care and treatment. Whether it is a massage, deep tissue work or acupuncture, thanks to Mike I have been able to successfully continue in a profession that is very demanding on my body.”

 Name: Joe and Sarah Schultz (parents)
Client for: 5+ years
Personnel Referenced: Dr. Venske
Services Referenced: Family Chiropractic
Child.Chiropractic-225x300Statement: “Our daughter, age 3, has seen Dr. Venske for chiropractic care since she was an infant. She is one of the healthiest kids I know. I believe this is because of her healthy diet and chiropractic care. When we go to KMHC for an appointment, she happily says, “I want to go first!” and lays right down on the adjustment table.
In her three years of life, our daughter has hardly been sick and has never been on an antibiotic. I attribute this to the high quality of care Dr. Venske gives our family. He is a personable doctor who truly cares about his patients.
I know some parents are nervous about taking their infant for an adjustment. You don’t have a thing to worry about with Dr. Venske. I highly recommend him. He has helped achieve overall wellness not only in our daughter’s life, but for our entire family.”


Name: Mike N.

Client for: 6+months

Personnel Referenced: Dr. Venske, Claudia Sartorius, Michael Aehl

Services Referenced: Yoga, Massage, Acupuncture

Statement: “My treatments have eliminated my back and neck pain. I can move without thinking about how to avoid pain – there is no pain!”

Name: Rebecca

Client for: 4 years

Personnel Referenced: Dr. Venske, Michael Aehl

Services Referenced: Massage, Acupuncture

Statement: “Michael Aehl was highly recommended to me by my physical therapist. He is a great clinician for those who are new to acupuncture. He provided a lot of education about acupuncture and worked with me as I integrated this new therapeutic intervention into my health management program. I was a skeptic about acupuncture and chiropractic when I first came to KMHC, but since both Michael and Dr. Venske were highly recommended, I decided to give it a try. Now, both acupuncture and chiropractic care are part of my regular health maintenance. They help me with both chronic and acute issues, applying their knowledge and skills to each situation.

As a trained physical therapist, I was cautious about trying chiropractic care. Dr. Venske has completely won my confidence and trust as a clinician and as an overall compassionate caregiver. He integrates chiropractic care with rehabilitation exercises, nutrition, stress management and total personal health.

The support staff at KMHC create a friendly and inviting environment. Every time I come into the clinic I feel like I am coming into an oasis of care and concern. We also laugh a lot too!

Michael Aehl is the best medical massage therapist I’ve gone to in the Metro-Milwaukee area. As someone trained as a physical therapist, I have a high standard for massage therapists and all health care providers. Michael is exemplary!”

Name: Shirley S.

Client for: 14 years

Personnel Referenced: Dr. Venske

Services Referenced: Exercise Rehabilitation

Statement: “I have been a patient of KMHC since 1995. I just recently (Oct. ’09) had a nasty fall where I fell very hard on my left knee. That happened on a Sat. afternoon and I refused to go to the ER or Urgent Care for help, even though I was having great discomfort. I went home and elevated and iced the knee till I could call KMHC on Monday morning. Janet told me that Dr. Venske was not coming in till noon on Monday. Within ah hour of my calling the clinic, Dr. Venske actually called me from his home and they worked me in for later that day. when I saw Dr. Venske , he felt very confident that nothing was fractured or broken in the knee, even though the knee was about twice the size it should have been. an x-ray confirmed Dr. Venske’s diagnosis. I continued to see Dr. Venske twice a week for two weeks and the third week he added Claudia Sartorius, R.N., to work with me to further rehab the knee.

It has been 3 1/2 weeks and I still have slight inflammation, but my walk has almost returned to normal. Dr. Venske had originally told me this healing process would take about a month.

I so appreciate the knowledge that Dr. Venske and his caring staff share with me. I have complete confidence in the excellent care that i receive at KMHC. Personally, I don’t know where my family and I would be without Chiropractic… we have been under Chiropractic care for 30+ years!”

Thank you Dr. Venske and your most caring Staff!”

Name: Phil S.

Client for: 10 years

Personnel Referenced: Dr. Venske

Services Referenced: Family Chiropractic

Statement: “I have the highest respect for Dr. Venske’s work. He has an intuitive gift of addressing areas of pain and through his adjustments has offered welcome relief. At age 75 I’ve worked with other good chiropractors and easily consider him the best.”