Tri-wave Light Therapy

Everyone needs a new toy once in awhile. Well, I got mine last month. This device has the potential to accelerate healing in many different circumstances. The range goes from skin infections all the way to fractured bones. Different wavelengths of light have the capacity to turn on the cells to which the light is exposed. The cells in the injured area will dramatically step up the production of proteins that ultimately form new tissue. Additionally, the light can have a very strong impact on increasing blood flow, which also ultimately reduces pain and inflammation. For those who are technically curious, this video can help explain how it works much better than I can.

Like the way exercise takes awhile to build muscle, this type of therapy does require repeated applications to be effective. As I write this I am moving around on an ankle that’s been chronically sore and stiff for 25 years. I incurred a third degree sprain on it in college while playing basketball. I have applied infrared light to my ankle four times and unless I’m imagining things, it feels unbelievably better! Before the treatment I would experience pain and stiffness after running, playing tennis or basketball. After the treatments the ankle feels 75% better with less pain and stiffness post workout.


This can be used on virtually any type of pain and many skin conditions. Plan on an average of 4-8 sessions to render a notable effect. The sessions are very short, ranging from 3 to 10 minutes and cost $ 20.00 per treatment.